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Seven days of Bild

Seven days of Bild - a field study emanation by Benjamin Böhm

Seven days of Bild - Cover

Inspired by David Dellafiora's call for a 'field study emanation', Böhm starts Seven days of Bild in February 2001 by buying the German tabloid 'Bild' (picture, image) for a week.
Böhm documents this week in a pseudo-scientific way. Each day passport photos are taken, thoughts concerning the project are written down. Later different phases of progress are photographed.

Seven days of Bild - Cover    
Work in progress 1
Work in progress 1   Work in progress 2
Seven days of Bild - envelopeSeven days of Bild - envelope

Beside copies of the passport photos each of the resulting 100 copies contains eight pages with pieces of each page of each edition of Bild, cut out at the same position. Each copy is unique.

There is a special edition containing 32 copies plus a certificate with an original passport photo and one documentation photo sent in a specially designed envelope.

One copy of the special edition was exhibited at the Stadtuseum Tübingen. Seven days of Bild was also part of Dellafiora's Field Report 2002.

Seven days of Bild - page Seven days of Bild - certificate
Seven days of Bild - page   Seven days of Bild - certificate




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