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An ongoing Mail Art project of David Dellafiora in which Böhm participates among others is Wipe. Participants send 40 sheet of altered toilet paper to Dellafiora and receive a collection of 40 different works in return.

The entries can sill be send to:
Field Study International
P.O.Box 1838
Geelong , VIC 3220

Wipe No.15
    Wipe No.15
Wipe No.15 - Oliphaunt

One of Böhm participation can be found in Wipe Nr.15, a little stamped work where Tolkien's poem Oliphaunt is used with the famous ZeitPuzzle-Elephant.

The idea for the name of this review of Böhm's early work came from this rare piece of self-advertising.

Wipe No.15 - Oliphaunt    




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