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Gutenberg Museum, Mainz
H.A.U.P.T.Bahnhof, Tübingen
Stadtmuseum, Tübingen

Gutenberg Museum, Mainz

Böhm at the exhibition at the Gutenberg Museum
In summer 2000, on the occasion of Johannes Gutenberg's 600th Birthday and in memory of his invention of book printing the German town Mainz organised the international Mail-Art Project Happy Birthday, Johannes. Ben Patterson is patron of this project.
About 700 contributions by 540 artists from all over the world are presented in the Gutenberg-Pavillion in Mainz during the summer of 2000.
Johannes 2000 Böhm contributes Johannes 2000 and, together with Michael Orth, Geschichte geschrieben to Happy Birthday, Johannes.
The left photo shows Böhms contribution, the right shows two pages from Die Bütows, the book used in the contribution by Orth&Böhm. The readable part of the text is "The Bütows reject people who are afraid of dogs."
Geschichte geschrieben von Orth&Böhm




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