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The basis for the work Indicators is a small black box with the label 'Indikatorenpapiere mit Farbumschlagtafel' (Indicatorpaper with table for the change of colours) and the logo of the company Bayer. When Böhm buys this box at the fleamarket it contains a list of the indicators and the table (see below).

All twelve missing indicators are replaced by Böhm in cooperation with Debby Rebsch. Different material from various sources, fitting the colours are laminated and correctly labeled.

The work was given to Alexandra 'Nana' Bruns in 2001 and is in private property since then.

Nr.1: Pentamethyl-triamino-triphenyl-carbinolchlorhydrat   Nr.2: 3-Benzolsulfosäure-4'-azo-diphenylamin, Na-Salz Nr.4: Tetrabromphenolsulfophtalein Nr.11: 4-Nitro-2-toluol-diazoamido-4'-sulfo-2'-benzoesäure, Di-Na-salz
Nr.1: Pentamethyl-triamino-
  Nr.2: 3-Benzolsulfosäure-4'-
azo-diphenylamin, Na-Salz
  Nr.11: 4-Nitro-2-toluol-
benzoesäure, Di-Na-salz
The table for the change of colours
The table for the change of colours




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